If you haven’t heard, the Academy has decided to present and record the awarding of 8 categories, an hour before the live broadcast.

It’s just part of the Academy’s attempts to trim the show, to try and attract more viewers, but the backlash has been immense, from those in the categories, and also from film fans, or more importantly, Oscar viewers.

It’s a strange thing to do as the awards will still be shown during the telecast, just edited down. Suppose those walks up to the stage, take up valuable seconds lol. It’s a story that has been running for almost two weeks now. I personally think they will do a turn around and reinstate it back to the full live broadcast of all the awards.

The whole plan is ill judged, and is just a sign of how the audience has drifted away, which I won’t try to explain here.

For info, these are the 8 categories to be pushed to the pre-live slot.

Documentary (Short Subject), Film Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Music (Original Score), Production Design, Short Film (Animated), Short Film (Live Action), and Sound.

So the point of this post, is that since the awards will be given an hour before the live show starts, I am expecting that somehow these results will get leaked, in our instant info world. So deadline will now be 7pm EST,March 27th, 2022.

So get your choices in a bit earlier than usual.

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