I’ve never watched any of the specialist award shows, not even sure if they are televised anywhere. But they must be a real stretch to make it captivating for the average viewer. Until they start giving awards for best film stock or favourite lenses.

Anyways to the winner. Well no surprise it went to the front runner Jane Campion for “Power of the Dog”.

How does the DGA award sync with Oscar? Well it’s normally a pretty solid lock. Almost a “bet the house” sort.

Well in the 74 years of the DGA awards, only 8 times has the winner of the DGA not gone on to win the little golden man. The most recent being 2019 when Sam Mendes lost to Bong Joon-ho for Parasite.

Can’t see anyone upsetting the trend for another year.

And was nice to see Jane Campion sticking it to Sam Elliott after his comments.