History of theOscarpool.com

History of theOscarpool.com

March 1

The 1st Annual Oscar Pool

Hosted at Rob Campbell’s flat in West Toronto.

Printed Excel sheets, and $2 a person.

March 23

The Titanic Year

The year I let people enter as many sheets as they wanted. My hand was frozen from cramp by the end. Bad idea!

March 21

Oscar Pool Goes Online!

At least I think we did. Records are sketchy. But it was a Cold Fusion site. Thanks Doug S.

February 27

Oldest version of Oscar Pool

    I believe it was a Microsoft Access database. Old School!

    February 22

    Oscar Pool meet Joomla

    A very low key colour scheme, but it was quite functional for once.

    February 27

    Looking Better Oscar Pool

    Went for the black and gold colour scheme. Never happy with it.

    February 29

    20 Years of Oscar Pool

    Twenty years! Hard to believe I used to do a free and paid version of the pool. What was I thinking!

    February 10

    25 years and Counting

    How long can it continue? Here’s to another 25!