Each year everyone has a favourite film(s) or performances that they would like to win.  I’ve only managed a few of the films this year, so my selections are not based on any critique, in most cases, but just a gut feeling or an emotional choice.

And please don’t even consider any of these as guides to your choices, you would definitely come near the bottom of the leader board.

Also am not going thru every category. That’s just silly.


Best Picture

Dune. A magnificent sci-fi epic, that is only half done. Science Fiction and/or fantasy are rarely considered when comes to Oscars. Return of the King managed all those years ago, but these types of films are  never considered worthy enough. I’d give a good shout out to Nightmare Alley. Much better than Shape of Water IMO. I blame the trailer for it’s lack of an audience.

Spiderman: No Way Home should have at least got a nomination, just for the sake of saving cinema this past year. Getting bums in seats. A popcorn film of the highest order.

Best Actor.

I’d give to Denzel, just because he’s Denzel. I can see why Will Smith is probably going to get it, almost the career award. Cumberbatch I hate when he does an American accent, same with Garfield, so they get a big No.

Best Actress. 

Love to see Kristen Stewart get it, not that I’m a fan, but think she’s a bit of an outsider, and always seems to have public opinion against her. And I’ve heard its a great performance. Might have to fire up Prime and watch.

Best Supporting Actor

Tory Kotsur. Has to be and would be a big step for deaf performers, as it’s been a long time since Marlee Matlin won. The others? Power of the Dog, yawn, so won’t consider any of those. And JK Simmons? Feels like an Ed Harris award.

Best Supporting Actress

Well Ariana Debose, can’t really argue with her front runner status.  But Jessie Buckley is definitely a future Oscar winner.

Best Director

Would love to see Paul Thomas Anderson win, as he always seems to be considered 2nd best any year he is up for one. Spielberg doesn’t need it. But the Director/Picture double will continue this year with Power of the Dog/Campion.

Writing – Original Screenplay

Licorice Pizza – Again because PTA won’t win above.

Writing – Adapted Screenplay

I know CODA will win. Should check it out. But Dune I’d like to see win, as its the book everyone said is “unfilmable”


The rest of the categories, I don’t have that much enthusiasm to pick.

Anyways, not long to go, so get your picks finalised before the earlier deadline. 7 PM EST.