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Hmmm what to choose. Well every year at the Oscar’s its a mix of those who have never won despite a long and successful career, and those who are the young upstart who gets the right film at the right time. Never to be seen again.

So of the 5 this year let’s have a quick look.

“Anatomy of a Fall” Justine Triet, is new to me, but loved the film. But a foreign film and director don’t get much joy in Hollywood.

“Killers of the Flower Moon” Martin Scorsese, well what can you say about Marty. Has a Best Director for the Departed, but probably one you would never bother to put on again. He’s east coast so again that doesn’t help his cause. If you haven’t watched After Hours or King of Comedy, please do. Brilliant.

“The Zone of Interest” Jonathan Glazer, a Brit who is best known for music videos and commercial work from what I gather, so no way he will get Director, but a strong leader for Foreign Film(coming from the UK??)

“Poor Things” Yorgos Lanthimos, will get a lot of notice with his strange and funny film. I really enjoyed it but don’t think I would choose to watch again. Think that’s what you call a challenging watch? Anyways great exposure for someone taking risks in cinema, which is desperately needed.

“Oppenheimer” Christopher Nolan, is last on the list, but it is pretty definite by a country mile that he will be lifting the gold statue on March 10th. So if you want to get a good rate of return on your investment please put it all on Mr Nolan. Is it his best film so far? Don’t think so at all. Of course he has the Batman trilogy which always be his best known and successful. I usually lean to Interstellar, Momento, or one of the Batmen, can’t remember which title is which.

So if I was to pick a winner this year, I would go with the academy voters this year and tow the line. I have a lot of issues with Oppenheimer but it’s just his time to get his Oscar. Enjoy it while you can Christopher. Can’t see you winning again, no matter what you throw together.

Be sure to enter your Ballot for this year’s contest. It could be your year!

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