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The Oscar for Best Picture 2024

When it comes to the annual awards season and particularly to the Oscars, it’s always a mixed bag for me. Each year there is always that hopeful excitement that a film will surprise and get that special notice and cause a ripple in the usual status quo that emerges in the endless awards and guild awards.

But in the end it’s a set of films and performers that will be at the top of the list of every award show from January to March. And why is it so pre-determined?

Even mid way in the year of 2023, films will already have the buzz of the future award season. Even before most films have been released. Sort of feeds into the whole machine. I get it. I do.

But then we get stuck in this setting where we are told of what are the ‘special’ films or ‘important’ films that we should watch this season. Most are good films, most with a message or a timely theme, and this is not new. And I don’t want to downplay it. But there seems to be an embarrassment to applaud or recognise great cinema moments or lack of better word, crowd pleasers.

Not saying we should be nominating Fast and Furious but you can’t find a nice balance. Hitchcock films had always queues around the block.

Ok I think I’ve gone off course with this post. A late evening edit.

So for 2024 what would I pick for Best Picture? well the film I was most excited about for the summer and most of the year was Oppenheimer. I expected a great cinematic event, from Christopher Nolan, even though I find most of his films just fall short of being great. They are good and have great moments, but usually come up a tad too long. I enjoyed it, but faaaaaaar too long and that whole last third was given too much importance. But was nice to see a bit of Oliver Stone JFK stylin’

Of the films nominated, I would put my tick on Anatomy of a Fall. Smart, gripping, and on paper sounds like a typical detective drama on broadcast tv, but was so much more. If you haven’t seen it please please watch it.

Love to hear what everyone else liked this year. Big or small movies.

Oh and a shout out to Nyad. Watched it several times. Give that a go on Netflix.

That’s all for now. Will hopefully get a few more of these posts made before March 10th. Be sure to sign up for this years Oscar contest. Great jackpot to be won.

Be sure to enter your Ballot for this year’s contest. It could be your year!

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